Advent Header

Advent wreaths are a great way to help you and your family focus on Jesus at Christmastime!

Here are a few tips to help you out as you create and use an advent wreath in your home:

1. Purchase 5 candles for the wreath: 3 purple, 1 pink, and 1 white. If you don’t have a wreath to hold the candles, simple candleholders or pillar candles will work instead

2. Choose a time to gather around the advent wreath daily. Before you eat dinner each night or maybe as you sit down to drink your morning coffee – whatever time works well for your family.

3. Choose appropriate scripture passages to read together or print an advent calendar. After reading, light the candles and pray together.

Dec. 3 – 9: light a purple candle representing hope

Dec. 10 – 16: light a purple candle representing peace

Dec. 17 – 23: light the pink candle representing joy

Dec. 24: light a purple candle representing love

On Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, light the white candle representing Christ.

*As you light a new candle each week, candles from previous weeks should be lit as well as the new candle.