1 Samuel  ~ John MacArthur

“In this study you’ll meet Eli, the high priest of Israel and his These twelve studies examine the biblical events depicted in the book of 1 Samuel. You will become acquainted with the high priest Eli, and his two wicked sons, Hophni and Phinehas. You’ll meet Eli’s young protégé, named Samuel, and examine his faithfulness. You’ll get to know Samuel’s mother, Hannah, and learn why the young boy was brought up by a priest in the temple rather than by his family at home.

You’ll also be introduced to Saul, Israel’s first king, and watch his sad decline. Finally, you’ll meet Saul’s successor, David, who stood in marked contrast to his predecessor. Through it all, you will learn some precious truths about the character of God, and see His great faithfulness in keeping His promises.”

Beginning Thursday, October 1.

This study will be held on Zoom, with the possibility of a small in-person group for those who are comfortable.

For more information, contact Dave Trotta Sr. at 203-506-3460.