Elijah: Faith and Fire
 by Priscilla Shirer

Mondays, 6:30 – 8pm (in person)

Join Priscilla Shirer in a 7-session video bible study on the life of Elijah. In this faith-building study, you’ll discover how Elijah’s obedience to God kept him anchored, sharpened his faith, broadened his impact, and invited heaven’s fire to fall. God is also working in your life today to fashion a fiery, bold faith that will empower you to share the hope of Christ with your family, friends, co-workers, and community.

Meets January 25 – March 15

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Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy  by Mark Vroegop

Mondays, 6:30 – 8pm (Zoom study) 

Lament is how you live between the poles of a hard life and trusting God’s goodness.

Lament is how we bring our sorrow to God-but it is a neglected dimension of the Christian life for many Christians today. We need to recover the practice of honest spiritual struggle that gives us permission to vocalize our pain and wrestle with our sorrow. Lament avoids trite answers and quick solutions, progressively moving us toward deeper worship and trust.

Exploring how the Bible — through the psalms of lament and the book of Lamentations — gives voice to our pain, this book invites us to grieve, struggle, and tap into the rich reservoir of grace and mercy God offers in the darkest moments of our lives.

Meets January 25 – March 22

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Finding God Faithful 
 by Kelly Minter

Tuesdays, 9:30 – 11am (in person and on Zoom)

Trace the path of Joseph’s life in the Book of Genesis to observe how God’s sovereignty reigns, even in our darkest moments. Learn to recognize when God is working during periods of waiting, trust God’s plan when life doesn’t make sense, and rest in the sufficiency of His presence in every circumstance. His provision is enough, His presence is constant, and His purpose is unstoppable.

Meets January 26 – March 16

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Jeremiah: Daring to Hope in an Unstable World   by Melissa Spoelstra

Tuesdays, 7 – 8pm (Zoom study)

When we look around at today’s world, hope usually isn’t the first word that comes to mind. In many ways we live in an unstable world where marriages fail, bank accounts run low, friendships end, and the everyday demands of a fast-paced life get us down. In the Book of Jeremiah, we find God calling out to His people with a message of hope—a message that intentional living is possible even in an unstable world.

But how do we do this? Where do we start?

Jeremiah offers women hope for living in an uncertain world by learning to navigate the challenges and circumstances of their lives. This six-week study examines God’s words of instruction to His wayward people through the prophet Jeremiah, and provides women six guidelines for intentional living to overcome fear, worry, and doubt as they surrender their wills to God’s and put their hope in Him alone.

Meets January 26 – March 2

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For more information about programs for women, please email Lois Chamberlain, Director of Women’s Ministry.