Our Mission

Our mission is to present Christ as Savior and to pursue Him as Lord.

What is the Evangelical Free Church?
(national EFCA website.)

The Evangelical Free Church is an association of nearly 1,300 autonomous churches joined together by common purposes, principles and practices. Ministries include two universities, mission hospitals, camps, almost six hundred missionaries serving in forty-five countries, and institutions for children and the elderly. Evangelical Free Churches are united more as an association rather than a denomination, with more than 40 locations throughout New England.

Evangelical in our name represents our commitment to the Bible as the Word of God and reflects our desire to share the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Our English word ‘evangelical’ comes from the Greek root euangelion which is translated good news or gospel.  

Free, as we use it, represents the freedom from a State religion. The Free Churches came out of the state churches of Europe and wanted freedom to direct their own affairs — we use a congregational form of church government. 

A Little Local History

The Branford Evangelical Free Church began as a Bible study in a home in 1956. As attendance grew, the church moved first to Hopson Avenue, then to its current location in September 1986, with the purchase of property and construction of a new building. In 2016, we celebrated 60 years of ministry! From the very early years, BE Free Church has believed that our ministry must reach beyond Branford to the surrounding towns and communities on the Connecticut Shoreline. Our mission includes spiritual growth, individually and corporately, but also the physical growth of the congregation as we serve others and represent Jesus Christ to our family, friends, and community.

Presenting Christ as Savior and Pursuing Him as Lord.