Adult Sunday School — Sunday mornings at 9:15am 

Starting January 7th:

    • Meeting: Sundays 9:15-10:15 AM in Fellowship Hall
    • “Apologizing and Forgiving Effectively” led by Diane and Hector Lizcano.

Based on the groundbreaking insights from Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Apology Languages: The Secret to Healthy Relationships,” cultivating deeper connections and fostering healing in your relationships. Explore the art of effective apologies and forgiveness, learn your unique apology language, and discover how to strengthen bonds in your relationships. Diane and Hector bring wisdom, warmth, and practical tools to guide you on this transformative journey.


Sunday Sermon Discussion

Dive into meaningful discussions with our Sunday Sermon Discussion. Connect with fellow congregants, explore the sermon’s teachings, and discover practical applications for your life. It’s a space for reflection, Bible study, community, and spiritual growth. This group also meets in the Fellowship Hall from 9:15-10:15am.