The celebration scheduled for Pastor Steve and Lois this Sunday afternoon has been postponed.

As you know, Pastor Steve was taken to the Guilford emergency department last night and had a CT scan which showed an obstruction in his intestines. He is now at Yale New Haven, experiencing significant discomfort, and is waiting to speak with a surgeon about next steps. As you might imagine, preaching and attending a celebration is simply not feasible for this weekend.

The party will be rescheduled and Pastor Steve will have an opportunity to preach and say goodbye to everyone at a future date when he is feeling better. We will celebrate him and Lois with much fanfare and fun!! We hope that you will all be able to attend and participate in the celebration of Pastor Steve and Lois on our new date and time, when that becomes available.

As for the worship service, this Sunday – THIS WEEK’S WORSHIP SERVICE WILL REMAIN A SINGLE SERVICE AT 10AM. With the expectation that people have made plans to be here for this event, we will maintain that schedule as far as the service is concerned. Pastor Dave Peterson will be preaching and Daniel and Kevin will coordinate the music. There will be one live stream available, also at 10am.

Thank you to everyone who has put so much time and effort and care into the preparations for this weekend. You are so very much appreciated and we’re grateful for the grace you have shown in response to this unexpected occurrence.

Please continue to pray for both Pastor Steve and Lois, and for their family, for the medical team to know precisely how to help Steve and for his body to respond to treatment, for peace and perseverance, for an abundance go God’s grace in this situation, for God’s presence to be felt at every turn. Please pray however the Lord leads you.

Thank you for being a prayerful people. Thank you for being a church body who cares for one another.