Sermon Discussion Questions

Week of May 28, 2023

1. Why do people have a warm and positive perception of Jesus, but an increasingly negative perception of the church? Are their perceptions valid?

2. As you think about this passage, what stands out to you? What catches your attention? 

3. In this passage, Jesus criticizes the hypocrisy seen in three common expressions of Jewish devotion. How does hypocrisy creep into our expressions of worship and how do we keep our motives pure?

4. Even though we are forgiven, Christians still wrestle with a nature that is fallen and our actions are not always pleasing to Christ. How do we navigate this unfortunate truth?

5. Sometimes we focus on private devotions, which can lead to a privatization of faith. What are some examples of private and public acts of devotion that we should prioritize? How do we make sure these acts are truly authentic and not just a sense of duty?

6. What is your reaction to this passage that will impact your life on Monday and beyond?