Sunday  |  March 28  |  10:00AM
Palm Sunday Service at BE Free  Reserve your seats here 

Friday  |  April 2  |  7:00PM
Good Friday Service at BE Free  Reserve your seats here

Saturday  |  April 3  |  5:30PM
Looking for a less formal Easter service? Join us on Saturday night for our casual service with a worship band.
Saturday Easter Worship Service at BE Free  Reserve your seats here

Sunday  |  April 4  |  6:15AM
Sunrise Service in Stony Creek  (n
o reservations necessary)

Come down to the beach in Stony Creek bright and early to celebrate Christ’s resurrection by the light of sunrise! No need to dress up, just dress warmly and bring a chair! We’ll worship together with hymns and a brief message. Click here if you need directions to the beach.

Sunday  |  April 4  |  10:00AM
For a more traditional Easter service, join us on Sunday morning at 10:00am!
Join us for an outdoor Easter service at BE Free  Reserve your seats here