Thursdays at 6:30pm

Men’s Ministry is holding two studies this year, one in person and one online, both on Thursday night. These studies are intended to provide a greater sense of community as we share our stories and our lives together, grow in our understanding and practice of God’s Word and encourage us in ministry, both inside and outside of the church family. 

Join us this Spring as we explore Romans by David Jeremiah, The Gospel of Grace

The apostle Paul makes his appearance in the Bible as an ambitious Pharisee who is determined to destroy the early church. But his religious world comes crashing down when he meets the risen Jesus on the road to Damascus. Paul is never the same, and soon he is traveling across the world to spread the gospel. In his letter to a church in Rome, he outlines the central truths and doctrines of the Christian faith.

The Jeremiah Bible Study Series captures Dr. David Jeremiah’s forty-plus years of commitment in teaching the Word of God. In each study, you’ll gain insights into the text, identify key stories and themes, and be challenged to apply the truths you uncover to your life. By the end of each study, you’ll come away with a clear and memorable understanding of that Bible book.

Online Zoom Study

The study will run from 7-8:30pm each Thursday evening. The Zoom meeting will open at 6:30pm to allow each of us to join and catch up with each other before beginning with prayer at 7.

The Zoom link for this group will be the same for every meeting and can be accessed using the button below.

In Person Study

Men also have the option to meet in person on Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30pm in the church Fellowship Hall. This time starts with connection over dinner. (Participants are asked to contribute, as able, to defray the expense of the meal.)

For more information about Men’s Ministry, please contact Pastor Dave Peterson.