How do you tell someone you love about Him who loves you?

Have you ever wanted to share your faith with someone but struggled with what to say or how to say it? Have you wanted to tell them how Jesus has changed you but wondered how they could possibly understand if they don’t already know Him? when you can’t find the words to adequately explain it?

You are not alone. Even Paul prayed for utterance. 

This Friday, January 28, Pastor Dave will host a dinner and workshop to help us with just these questions. Appetizers at 6pm, with conversation and fellowship, then a discussion about either how to share your faith (“presenting Christ as Savior”) or how delve into the Word to know Him better (“pursuing Him as Lord”). We’ll enjoy a delicious dinner together, and then take dessert into a second discussion, whichever of the two you haven’t already participated in. This Friday at 6pm in the Fellowship Hall.

By the time you leave you will be full – with food, with friendship, and with faith. You will also be well on your way, as described in 2 Tim 3:17, to being “a man (or woman) of God, fully capable, equipped for every good work.”

Won’t you join us?

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